OneDrive Vs SkyDrive

The topic of OneDrive vs SkyDrive piques your curiosity so you want to find more information about it? In that case, you should spare a bit of your time to check out this article. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind once it comes to OneDrive as well as SkyDrive. Read to the end to be able to get a good understanding of the history behind OneDrive and SkyDrive. 


Back in 2007, Microsoft launched a file hosting service known as Windows Live Folders which was quickly renamed SkyDrive. For the next six years, SkyDrive received a series of updates that eased uploads, increased storage space, expanded availability and so on.  In 2013, SkyDrive became the target of a lawsuit over trademark infringement between Sky UK and Microsoft. Eventually, Sky UK won and forced Microsoft to rename SkyDrive to OneDrive. 

All in all, once it comes to OneDrive vs SkyDrive, there is no clear winner as SkyDrive is one of the old names of OneDrive. Of course, compared to the days that it operated under the name SkyDrive, OneDrive today provides superior experiences. 

Pros And Cons Of OneDrive


  • Access: Once you have uploaded your files to OneDrive, you should be able to access your files across all devices. For instance, you could use the office desktop to edit documents at work and switch laptops, phones and so on to continue editing once you go back home. In addition to that, OneDrive offers file collaboration features ranging from co-authoring to commenting on files which makes it easier to work as a team.
  • Security: For your information, OneDrive features state-of-the-art security. Alongside the account password, it’s possible to activate two-factor authentication to secure your account as well as data on it. In times of need, feel free to set multiple account verifications so you could verify your identity without a password.
  • Navigation: OneDrive is easy to navigate which means you would have an easy time making your way to items, settings, etc. On the dashboard, everything is clearly labeled so there is no need to worry about getting lost.
  • Free storage: OneDrive offers free storage of up to 5GB. That is handy if you have a tight budget and only need to store small-sized items. 
  • Office integration: Microsoft integrated Office and other products into OneDrive so you could upload quite a few file types. 


  • File upload size: At the moment, the size limit of OneDrive uploads is 250GB. While that is enough for domestic users, it may be a limitation to organizations with extra large files.

Is It Possible To Use OneDrive To Backup Computers?

OneDrive is able to sync files and folders so people consider it to be a viable choice for computer backup. In the end, it’s too to you but keep in mind that there is a difference between cloud backup and cloud storage

In cloud backup, when you back up your files, the files will stay like when you upload them. Because of that, if you make changes, you will have to re-upload the files so as to have the latest version online. For cloud storage, every time you make changes to your data, the change will be reflected immediately. OneDrive leans toward cloud storage so think it through before using it to back up information. 


  • For optimal productivity, work as a team by allowing other users to edit your shared document. To allow others to edit: on the dashboard, select the document and choose Share. Proceed to enter the email addresses of the collaborators, click the pencil icon and pick Can edit. 
  • To improve the security of sensitive data, store important items in Personal Vault that encrypts them and requires additional authentication to access. Personal Vault automatically locks after a certain period of inactivity.
  • If you mess up while editing, view the history of your item to restore it to a previous version. Right-click the target item, pick Version history, select a version that suits you and choose Restore.
  • In case you don’t know, you could automatically save your screenshots to OneDrive. To do so, open OneDrive, click the cogwheel icon, pick Settings and toggle on Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive.
  • You want to put an end to the syncing of OneDrive? Open OneDrive, make your way to Settings, click Account and pick Unlink this PC.

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