Asti Novo Keep Your Headphone Volume Under Control

Before, when there was no Novo – automatic sound control technology based on ambient sound signals, we would find it inconvenient to control the headset sound manually.

You won’t be able to tell when the ambient sound will increase, and it will hurt your ears when both types of sounds resonate together. 

So, using Novo will make controlling the sound much more straightforward. As soon as there is sound, this technology will automatically adjust the volume of your headphones up or down depending on the ambient volume.

A brief introduction about Asti Technology Company

Asti technology company was founded in 2008. The business is now one of the leading suppliers of adaptive audio technology products and audio machines. Asti’s mission is “Adapting audio and improving lives.”

With the desire to bring the best audio experience to users, Asti has developed sound sensors that help maintain a stable volume level for users and improve their sleep. These devices are now widely sold all over the world.

Currently, Asti’s headquarters is in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company’s outstanding products include sound+sleep and LectroFan. These devices will help identify and accurately calculate users’ sleep patterns, giving them the best quality of life. 

However, these technologies will be limited in terms of space and location of use. It cannot be available when you are constantly moving.

So, experts have invented an automatic sound sensing and control technology called NOVO. This technology has created a new twist for Asti when rated as one of the best personal audio assistants available today. So, why do users consider the NOVO wallet a perfect personal assistant?

Auto volume control mode

The virtual name assistant comes from the automatic features and convenience for users.

Asti invented this device on September 28, 2015, and it is the world’s first wearable personal audio machine. Users can wear them in their pants pockets or their collar position.

The device’s size is extremely compact and suitable for all users. You will not feel entangled or uncomfortable when you have to wear this device for a long time.

The two most distinctive and essential features of this NOVO audio technology are automatically controlling the sound, including boost mode and mute mode.

Boost Mode

Boost Mode is a mode where NOVO will automatically increase the sound volume to drown out the surrounding sounds of the user. The device will automatically silence the sound as soon as the ambient sound subsides or ends. The sound sensor time is concise and will not interrupt the user’s use process.

For example, when you are moving on the street with noisy traffic, NOVO will automatically increase the volume to be more comfortable without listening to those loud sounds. 

Indeed, the volume increase will be at a reasonable level for the user to feel part of the surrounding sound, helping to ensure the user’s safety during the move.

Reduction mode

Reduced mode is when the sound will automatically reduce when outside noises appear unexpectedly. For example, when your colleague calls or a sudden siren crosses the road, NOVO will immediately reduce the sound so that the user can promptly react to the surrounding activities.

Mem Microphones Integrated Into Sound And Sleep Therapy Systems

With NOVO audio technology, it owns a modern MEM microphone, integrated with a hardware platform and synchronized with software algorithms. Thanks to that, you can listen to your surroundings in the most timely and accurate way.

The sensor will promote the process of increasing and decreasing the volume to match the environment’s sound. Therefore, users will not be interrupted while wearing headphones, and they will not be surprised by sudden car horns.

NOVO Quality and Compatibility

With NOVO technology, it will fit most devices: Android, iPhone, mobile phones, tablets, and other MP3 player devices.

The device set uses a standard 3.5mm jack with a battery capacity of 200 hours continuously (6 weeks).

In addition, NOVO is also designed with a slider system that allows you to personalize the sensitivity of the MEM microphone to best suit your usage needs. The clip is integrated into the device so that users can wear NOVO in almost any position on their body.

Depending on their preferences, users can also choose devices with different colors: gold, blue metal, and silver.


Hopefully, the article will help you understand NOVO automatic control sound technology more. The device is the world’s first personal audio assistant, allowing users to enhance their audio experience through tailored audio volume control features.

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